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Easy to Operate and Direct Reading and Touch Screen Salt Corrosion Spray Test Chamber
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Product: Views:130Easy to Operate and Direct Reading and Touch Screen Salt Corrosion Spray Test Chamber 
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Easy to operate and Direct reading and Touch screen salt corrosion spray test chamber

Configured for your specific tests 

Grande makes rain and spray testing easier by offering a standard chamber capable of published and OEM proprietary test methods.

The standardized design can be configured for the rain/spray tests you need, eliminating the guesswork in buying a chamber. The system is based on the specification requirements, and can also accomplish individual automaker’s tests, as well as electrical-enclosure tests.

Our Design

Grande's modular design allows you to add on additional features, depending on the number and type of tests required. One possible choice is to integrate the spray system with a regular temperature and humidity chamber to save money and floor space, while also creating an opportunity to simulate actual operating conditions your product may experience.
 Our system uses multiple control solenoids to vary the water's spray volume/pressure. A holding tank prepares the water to the desired temperature, if required. A pump ensures the water is delivered in the proper pressure range. The water is fed to a motorized manifold that rotates the spray arms. Each spray arm has an adjustable valve to allow finer control of the spray.
 Testing capabilities
 The specification is modeled after and doesn’t differ greatly. Details about the nozzle types and the rotating nature of the spray arms and product table are also included in the requirements. Additionally, drip and car wash tests are also specified.

Heavy splash/shower

●S1 Spray room temperature water with 40 nozzles at 14.2 psi (1 kgf/cm2) for 30 minutes. The flow rate of the water shall be 6.5 gallons/min. (24.5 L/m).

●S2 Spray room temperature water with 40 nozzles at 42.7 psi (3 kgf/cm2) for 60 minutes. The flow rate of the water shall be 10.3 gallons/min. (39.2 L/m).

Light spray/rain

●R1 Spray room temperature water with two nozzles at 4.3 psi (0.3 kgf/cm2) for 10 minutes. The flow rate of the water shall be 0.8 gallons/min. (3.2 L/m).

●R2 Spray room temperature water with two nozzles at 1.4 psi (0.1 kgf/cm2) for 10 minutes. The flow rate of the water shall be 0.5 gallons/min. (1.9 L/m).

Examples of OEM automotive manufacturers' requirements

●Heat the sample to a temperature above boiling, then spray with cold water for about two minutes. Repeat cycle.

●Heat the sample to boiling temperature, then spray with room temperature water for about fifteen minutes. Repeat cycle.

●Simulate a car wash by using high pressure spray.


●Rotating rain and spray nozzles designed to JIS specifications

●Speed control for the rotating spray nozzles

●Stationary product shelf - A rotating shelf is optional: see options

●Water pressure regulators, gauges and flow meters

●Special high-volume floor drain system to rapidly drain water out of the chamber

●Interior chamber size is the smallest possible area using the JIS specified nozzles

Applicable Test Methods

●JSA JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) D 0203 "Method of Moisture, Rain and Spray Test for Automobile Parts"

●SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) J2245 "Recommended Practice for Splash and Spray Evaluation"

●SAE J575 "Test Methods and Equipment for Lighting Devices and Components"

"The cabinet shall be equipped with a nozzle(s) which provides a solid cone water spray of sufficient angle to completely cover the sample device. The centerline of the nozzle(s) shall be directed downward at an angle of 45 degrees to the vertical axis of a rotating test platform... The device shall be rotated about its vertical axis at a rate of 4.0 ± 0.5 rpm... The water spray test shall continue for 12 hours." ref: SAE J575.

Optional/additional test capabilities:

●Temperature/humidity controlled rain chamber:  Includes -20 to 150°C and 20 to 98%RH capabilities

●Water recirculation:  Allows re-use of the treated rain water

●Water conditioning:  Allows the water to be cooled (5 to 20°C) prior to spray

●High pressure spray:  Adds capability to meet car wash test requirement

●Drip nozzle:  Adds capability to meet drip test requirement

●Rotating table:  Rotates the sample for full exposure to spray

Technical Parameters:

     Model No




Inner chamber size(W*H*D)




Exterior chamber size(W*H*D)




Temp Range

Inside Chamber

Room temp.~50°C,±0.5°C


Room temp.~63°C,±0.5°C

Salt water

Room temp.~50°C,±0.5°C

Saturated Air Pressure(Kg/m)


Spray Volume(m/80cm/hr)





Copper acetate



P.V.C & P.P


Salt Spray Veicle



SUS#304 & #316 stainless steel heater+taflon


Hydrometer,salinomerer,fog collector,glassbar

Other Components

Digital electronic control+S.S.R

Safety Devices

Overheating prevention circult-breaker,dehydration and

overheating prevention mechanism,breakdown indicator light

Power supply

AC 1 phase 220v±10% 50/60 Hz

Grande Electronics is one of the largest easy to operate and direct reading and touch screen salt corrosion spray test chamber manufacturers and suppliers in China and also known as one of the famous chamber brands. Our discount product is mainly featured by good performance and flexibility and low price. Welcome to order the customized and cheap chamber made in China with our factory.